Partner Program

Your client or prospect. Your relationship. Your sale.

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ComTec’s Partner Program is a strategically-designed alliance to encourage agents, master agents, and referral partners to recommend our products and services.  We’ve designed this program from the ground up to be the most flexible, partner-friendly program available.  Our team has studied hundreds of partner programs to eliminate all the hurdles and pitfalls that keep partners from being comfortable in working with a provider.  We invest in our relationship with you– we will support and help you every step of the way.

We understand that a partner’s goal is similar to ours—providing industry leading services and award winning customer service. Your customers rely on you to bring them industry leading technologies to increase efficiencies and maximize their investments. As their trusted adviser, make sure your portfolio includes ComTec’s diverse solution set.  Our solutions enable you to supplement your existing portfolio offerings and generate additional monthly recurring revenues.


Let us show you how channel friendly we are and how hard we will work to help you make your clients want to do business with you again and again.

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100% commissions upfront with no claw-backs!


Our agents find confidence in uniting with ComTec.  We’re well established, we understand the unique challenges that businesses face, and we have extensive industry experience that enables us to integrate leading systems and technologies with a business’s infrastructure.

We also understand that agents want to do business with a provider because they want to and not because they are holding their recurring revenue hostage.  Our goal is to be the most agent-friendly company you can find to support and grow your business with.

Master Agent

When we partner with Master Agents, we are confident in their knowledge of products and services, as well as their value beyond order fulfillment. Are you interested in being a solution provider, growing your product portfolio and making sure that your clients get the best service imaginable? Do you manage exemplary outreach efforts?

If you answered with an astounding “Yes!” then reach out to us today to team up.

Referral Partner

As a Referral Partner you:


  • Provide your clients with the solutions they need that are not in your existing portfolio
  • Sell additional Telephony and IT products and services, including customized cloud-based solutions
  • Offer volume discounted carrier services from our comprehensive portfolio of providers including Comcast and Verizon
  • Partner with dedicated sales and engineering professionals who help you from start to finish without worrying about “competition” from your vendor
  • Co-brand existing sales and marketing materials


  • Maintain control of your customers and your sales
  • Provide your clients with more comprehensive product offerings
  • Grow your revenue stream
  • Gain a competitive edge by partnering with industry leading trusted brands
  • Offer a “No CAPEX” solution
  • Support your clients with technical training
  • Tap into and utilize the skills of our engineering professionals
  • Benefit from personalized remote support, our onsite technical support as well as our unparalleled customer service


Let us show you how channel friendly we are and how hard we will work to help you make your clients want to do business with you again and again.