VoIP for Nonprofits.

ComTec has been at the forefront of solutions for the nonprofit sector for years. Our expertise nonprofit phone service, VoIP for nonprofits and telecom services enables us to equip your organization to focus on the main goal without getting caught up in technical details. Whether you’re a small or mid-sized nonprofit, we can find the best solutions tailored for your organization.

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Cut costs and streamline your communication.

Legacy Treatment Services, an 80 location nonprofit worked with ComTec to cut costs by 20% and streamline their communication needs, including faster internet and consolidated billing. Learn more…

Achieve your mission without stressing about the details.

Through working with nonprofits through the years, we have created specific VoIP solutions that fit the nonprofit sector well and can be customized to fit your organization. Our iConnectZX solution provides broad-spectrum nonprofit phone service, multi-site location phone systems and everything in between. We will work with you to find the best solutions for your organization’s specific industry and needs. Frequently, nonprofits aren’t aware of the ways they can cut costs through streamlining the services they need, so we will work to help cut down unnecessary costs for your nonprofit. Call us today to learn more!

The best nonprofit phone service solutions.

Your mission is to impact the world. Our mission is to give you the best phone systems for your nonprofit, so you can keep impacting the world. VoIP for nonprofits is one of our specialties. Here are a few of the features your business will benefit from using our iConnectZX solution.

After-hours notification.

Eliminate the need for answering services with after-hours emergency notification. Clients can leave messages on the regular office line, which can be forwarded to the respective recipient. Time limits and notification hierarchies ensure someone will always get the call!

Call queuing with real-time statistics.

Track the number of clients on hold in real-time to better deploy scheduling resources and eliminate hang-ups and dissatisfied clients. Historical data can also be tracked to help you plan ahead.

Mobile phone with instant messaging and presence.

Staff can be connected from anywhere using Wi-Fi as well as cellular connectivity to make and receive office calls, as well as text chat between employees.

Remote client video conferencing.

Clients can have video calls with staff to discuss and even show issues using a normal web browser with web camera.

Networking of remote offices.

Networking locations allows for centralized scheduling and reception and eliminates the need for multiple office numbers.

Designed for your industry.

We don’t believe one size fits all. Your industry has unique demands and needs, and our package is designed to meet them.

Additional features:

  • Client overflow automated attendant
  • Multilingual support
  • Que up call / call back
  • On-demand call recording
  • IP Faxing
  • Secure internal instant messaging
  • Message notification and escalation
  • Automated notifications
  • On-demand screen sharing
  • Unlimited users
  • Cloud-based, secure, and scalable
  • Find-me-follow-me for mobile staffing
  • Provider and office hotline
  • Integration with most office PBX systems for interoffice dialing

Benefits of iConnectZX

The iConnectZX Unified Communication Voice Platform provides your organization with state of the art technology, world-class service, and integrated applications that our clients expect. State of the art encryption & security measures ensures your system is fully secure and your clients’ privacy is protected. ComTec’s iConnectZX platform is uniquely designed to address a variety of needs through a single unified communications solution. This feature-rich platform allows you to provide better client interaction and improve satisfaction while eliminating the external costs associated with multiple service providers. Learn more…

“We value partnerships like ComTec. They took the time to understand our organization. The results speak for themselves.” Roy Leistein

CEO, Legacy Treatment Services

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